California Wow Owner Insight

California Wow Owner Eric Levine

California Wow Owner Levine

California Wow Owner Levine

I’ve been an advocate of fitness and good health Forever, and you know what — my conclusion is no one considers the big picture.

Eating much of today’s processed foods is like playing Russian Roulette. The potential risk for illness and obesity is overwhelming. It’s not just a theory – it’s a fact. Consumers have always been on a quest to find the healthiest foods for their families, but the shadow of the food industry stands in the way.

You’ll notice grocery store shelves are not overwhelmingly stocked with health-promoting products. The majority of products the grocery store sells are sugar-infused processed goods.

What’s worse is that; when you put all the pieces together, and learn why so many of you have such trouble maintaining a normal weight and eliminating common ailments, you’ll understand why switching to a healthier lifestyle can immediately change your life.

But information is one thing and implementation is another.

Making drastic changes are difficult, but certainly not impossible.


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