Embracing a Fitness Mindset – California Wow Owner questions how do you get there

California Wow owner Levine loves this time of the year. It’s the great weight-loss quest, when hundreds fill the gyms looking for a quick spring resolve. Levine adds, it’s a great time to show all those non-conformist how a fit body can improve your life.

Most of us embrace the idea of fitness, and becoming healthier, minus going hungry or eating foods we really don’t like. We still mistakenly believe we can lose weight while still enjoying food, says California Wow owner Levine. The non-believers can step aside and embrace the fact that physical fitness and a healthier lifestyle can work. Make an agreement with yourself that when you see your fitness regimen working, you will continue the journey.

You must already be motivated to some degree, or you wouldn’t be reading this far. You’ll be amazed at the limits you can push your body right now. That first step towards total fitness is all mental, but effort is everything.

Everything we strive to achieve in life begins with the power of thought, and with that being said, our thoughts can motivate us or hinder our success. By focusing on all the positive outcomes of fitness, you will help shift your attitude to a daily positive mode.

Levine, California Wow owner and magnetic fitness buff reminds us, the principles of positive thinking help to keep us moving forward, even in difficult times so that the outcome is more favorable. Remember, thought is a positive energy and everything depends on our state of mind.


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